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Connect Multiple Remote Desktops in Mac OSX

One of the IT guys in our office is running an Apple Mac Laptop, even though most of the network is Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional based. It has always been cialis professional generico a problem for him when he administers the servers because with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for the Mac he was only able to connect to one Microsoft Windows Server or Windows XP Remote Desktop at a time.

Today we finally figured out that if you “duplicate” the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection application you can then run more then one instance of it, and connect to more than one Microsoft Windows Server / Remote Desktop at a time.

To duplicate Microsoft Remote Desktop Application Client for Mac by right clicking on the folder (or <ctrl> click) and then clicking on “Duplicate”. You can still only run one connection per instance of the client, but you can duplicate the client as many times as you want.

Migrate Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) 2.0 to 3.0 on a New Server

We are currently migrating from an old active directory domain to a new active directory domain. One of the applications that we have to migrate across is Windows Sharepoint Services. It is proving to be the most challenging part of the domain name migration.

Basically from what I have found it is not easily possible to migrate a WSS 2.0 site to a WSS 3.0 site on a different domain. I have been spending the better part of today working on it, and only now found this forum post entitled Migrate WSS 2.0 site to WSS 3.0 at They sum it up as “MS seem pretty determined to make us go the ‘upgrade in place or to another server via a database backup’ route.”.

I have been trying to use smigrate.exe to make the migration, but kept getting the error code 0x81071e57 every time I went to restore the WSS 2.0 site to the new WSS 3.0 server.

Now, based on everything that I have read, I have uninstalled WSS 3.0 and removed the databases from our MS SQL server. I have installed the older WSS 2.0 site and will be using smigrate.exe to migrate the site onto our new server, and then I will have to do the “upgrade in place” route to get the site up to Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0.

The worst part (or at least a very frustrating part about it) is that on Microsoft’s own web-site under the instructions for content migrating from a WSS 2.0 site to WSS 3.0 site the only thing they have listed is “This article is a placeholder for future content. It is included in
this documentation to illustrate the proposed structure. This
documentation is updated regularly, and new information is added on a
regular basis. Please check back often.”.

Maybe by the time you read this article there will be content on the page, but it sure doesn’t help me today…

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Get Quickbooks 2006 to Run for Standard Users

We run a Windows Terminal Server 2003 environment at our organization and for the most part it works very well, especially with other Microsoft products.

There are some programs however that cause us significant problems because they require elevated user privileges to run. Today we ran across the problem while setting up a new user in our accounts area. Thankfully I found this great thread in the QuickBooks Community that helped me get it set-up and running:

Basically what I had to do was create a security group specifically for the accounts area (previously done) and then give that security group full control over the Quickbooks folder on the server, and then propagate those privileges down to all child objects and folders. I tried this step first and it didn’t work, so I kept reading the thread to see what other suggestions there were.

The next steps that I took was to go to the Quickbooks folder and modify the properties for the program file (qbw32.exe). I set it up to run in Windows 2000 compatibility mode and also checked the box marked “Allow non-administrators to run this program”.

So far with those changes completed everything seems to be running well.

It looks like Quickbooks 2007 has tried to overcome this problem with a special server only install, but there are still a lot of bugs with it. You can read more in the Quickbooks Community at Running QuickBooks Pro 2007 as Limited User.

APC Environmental Monitoring Unit (AP9319) Review

We have been looking for a way to monitor the environmental conditions in our server room, which is located in a separate building from my office. The unit that I was looking at probably going with was the APC Environmental Monitoring Unit (AP9319).

The AP9319 is a fairly low cost machine (under $500 AUD) and can monitor the temperature and humidity in a room. The unit is also rack mountable, can be administered from a web-browser and is upgradeable with other units from APC. The unit appears to include everything that we would need.

Unfortunately I am not as IT savvy as I would like and the monitoring options on the APC unit appear to be outside of my skill base. It does include the ability to send e-mail updates, but it does not allow advanced functions like e-mailing through a secure server, which all e-mail servers should be now a days.

According to one review the unit allows for quite a few options to monitor it, but they are unfortunately beyond my knowledge base of how to use, so it looks like I am back to the drawing board with either having to learn new skills to monitor the unit, or to find a different unit to do what we want it to.

You can read another review of the APC Environmental Monitoring Unit (AP9313) at

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