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Some people might question my integrity on this post but let me clarify. I was offered a free hosting ticket (free when I buy a domain name) by Godaddy with no mention of ads being added to my site, I only saw the ads after I installed a wordpress blog in my new free hosting. The ads have not ben removed, they still load and will still count as viewed on their stats, they are just hidden. Anyway if you want to hide your ads on a Godaddy free hosting..here is how you do it.

Add the following line to your CSS file #conash3D0 {height:0px; top:-1px;} – if this does not work just find the id of the iframe that loads the ads. (in my case the id is “conash3D0”)

Finding the ID

  • View the page’s source code (right-click / view source code)
  • scroll to the bottom of the source code and you should find a script calling the file https://a12.alphagodaddy.com/hosting_ads/gd01.js or something similar.
  • copy the .js file address to your address bar and you shoud be able to see the js code
  • look for the text iframe id=
  • after the = is the name (id) of that frame

Disclaimer: Do it according to your own conscience. Don’t blame me for any trouble you may have with the host.
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52 thoughts on “Hide Ads on Godaddy free hosting

  1. VIJAY





  2. Alex Costa Post author

    Tested on IE and is working for me. Make sure you refresh your browser cache, it’s probably still loading the old css from the cache.

    Let me know.

  3. roger

    Say guy’s do you think these ifreames effect the indexing of other pages on the site ?
    while a bot is crawling the page won’t he see the iframe first and crawl to it rather then crawl the rest of the page ? more over wont this be harmful on large scale sites while trying to index inner pages ?
    damn ads…. 🙂 please any one let us know your thoughts … 🙂

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  5. happy also

    well, they (godaddy) are still getting the “ad impressions” as the ads were not removed, just been hidden. The ads load normally but the user does not see them, godaddy won’t even notice! Unless they see this post…

  6. Adam

    I am worried that I might get in to trouble for making their ads invisible. I was wondering if you know away to make them appear at the end of the page and not the start?

  7. ramonez

    I found this recipy and applied very well, although for other content types doesn’t work at all.

    For example I have a php script for producing images dynamically. Because the call is to a php file instead an image file, the image sent it is corrupted, no matter if the content type generated is “image/jpeg”.

    Some suggestion? ty

  8. Alex Costa

    If your file does not link to the CSS stylesheet of your site, you should try to add the following line to the top of your .php file

    #conash3D0 {

  9. Raju

    I am using PhpBB forum in my site. I am using one of their styles. If so, where do i get the CSS file. Is it the Style’s theme stylesheet.css?
    I added the above #conash3D0 {height:0px; top:-1px;}
    on the top but doesnt seem to work
    where am i going wrong?

  10. Jack

    HELP! I have flash ads at the top of my screen !

    The “Conash” no longer works for me all of a sudden!

    looks like go daddy has changed their script name or something! Anybody got an updated crack to remove these HORRIBLE Flash ads i get now insteal of the go daddy banner?

  11. Alex Costa

    You can look at the source code of your site and locate the URL for the .js file that godaddy adds at the bottom of each page. Open that .js file on your browser and look for the iframe id, after id= you should see the name of the iframe, just swap conash3d by the new id name in your css.


  12. JTr

    I am total newbie
    I am using associate-o-matic (aom) and it asks me for css sheet (if I want to override their default one).

    How do I add this xxx{display:none;} item into the css of a predefined css sheet by AOM
    Or do I have to create a whole new css. If so, can I copy theirs and add in the {display:none;} line and them tell AOM to use my CSS.

    Am I making any sense..
    Thanks. Again, this is all new to me but I am learning.

  13. tom

    i got caught and godaddy banned my account, but they didnt release the domain and now i cant get it 🙁

  14. That Guy

    These work guys, but seriously, GoDaddy hosting is cheap and you can always get good deals on hosting plans, just call and ask for the Deal of the Day, sometimes you can save 20-25% off a hosting plan if you pay for a year in advance.

    PS. You can host as many websites as you want, free of ads for as little as $6 mo, all this time could be spent making better sites.

  15. MyDoom

    by adding the line to css you just hide the iframe but it still loaded but there is a method to totaly disable the ad . You know to make the ad visible goddady add the script code to the last line of your page so all you need is add this code after .
    so the code will be like that : <!– .
    in this way we will make all line added after this code as a comment so it will be disabled totally

  16. Computer Support

    It is very simple.

    1- Log in to your FTP

    2- Edit index.php

    3- Insert this code on top of the page


    Then save and upload.

    That should do it.

  17. RB

    If you are worried about getting banned and don’t want to hide then try this:

    It will just finish loading and move to the spot you choose.

  18. rmfii

    Thanks to the OP for posting this thread.
    Thanks to Zeca for the clean “display:none”.
    Thanks to MyDoom for the full disable.

    GoDaddy’s “free hosting” really is misleading. Nowhere do they tell you that they’re going to insert ads on your pages. Moreover, it only takes them ~60 seconds to set up the “free” hosting, but it takes UP TO 72 HOURS to change it to something else. Milking it a bit, aren’t they?

  19. PA

    How can I show just the bottom 30px of the frame where it says ‘This page is hosted free – Courtesy of GoDaddy.com’ ?

  20. pclady

    Sweet, thanks! I had done this by accident with one of my sites. I added an image header and layed it over the ads. But it was by accident and I couldn’t replicate it with my other godaddy sites. This is perfect! YOU RULE!!!!!!

  21. Yelo Yelo

    Just get a free hosting from freehostia.com. No need to cheat for a reliable hosting. You’ll end up getting ban and account terminated.

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