Keyboard Shortcut to change tabs in Firefox

I have been frustrated for some time – having to click to change tabs in firefox as opposed to using a alt-tab like solution for changing tabs. However today whilst using my wifes laptop – with a slightly different keyboard layout than mine, i accidently discovered that Ctrl + tab will change the tab you are viewing in firefox!

21 thoughts on “Keyboard Shortcut to change tabs in Firefox

  1. Bill Hutchison

    Hi Mate. Glad you finally figured this out. That key combo works in most other browsers, including Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

    It is certainly a convenient keyboard shortcut to change tabs…

  2. Alex Costa

    Ctrl + F4 = Close tab
    Ctrl + W = Close Tab
    Ctrl + T = New Tab
    Ctrl + N = New Window
    Crtl + O = Open a local file
    Crtl + P = Print
    Ctrl + F = Search (find)
    Crtl + G = Find Again
    Ctrl + R = Refresh
    Ctrl + U = Show Source Code
    Ctrl + L = Select address bar to input URL
    Ctrl + Shift + R = Clear cache and reload page
    Ctrl + Shift + H = Show History
    Ctrl + Shift + Delete = Clear private data

    My 2 cents

  3. Andrew

    Hey M8 –

    That really was a time saving tip that you could possibly even sell. Anyone know the shortcut for how to return to previous tab opened…


  4. gordon

    Thanks a million times. i’va always wanted to be able to do this, it also works in IE8

  5. Nithyanand

    Thank you very much.. i was looking for this for many days but i didn’t try to search on the web..

    it’s too good to know this. it’s working gr8 on the IE8.

  6. Troy

    Wow, I’ve been searching the net 4 this for some time now like 2 years finally its like magic!

  7. Jonathan Bobal

    Great. I was looking for a way to manipulate the Tabs and Windows in Windows… These techniques and shortcuts are an amazing asset and I really appreciate them being available to the public! And yes, they work great in Chrome!

  8. snoopy

    Wow! This all really works. My friend would do all this stuff with her computer, and she would never tell me how, leaving me to figure it out. For a minute I would think she was magical. haha jk(: This seriously helps. Thanks!

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