WordPress to MySpace Crossposting

For those of us who maintain several blogs, crossposting – or the ability to write one blog and then publish it to multiple blogs – is a very handy function!

MySpace has traditionally been one of the hardest to crosspost to, but if you are a WordPress user, then enter some funky php courtesy of Roderick Russell.

Because of some of the limitations of MySpace, and particularly its formatting options, the 2 scripts he has written post an announcement on your MySpace blog that give the title and then direct the user to click through to your WordPress blog. This might sound a bit odd, but actually, those of us who maintain WordPress blogs tend to want users to land there first, rather than MySpace, so I leave that option alone. You can attempt a full post though, if you prefer.

Here is a sample of what the post looks like on MySpace:

Thanks are due, once again, to my good friend Donovan who found the original link.

10 thoughts on “WordPress to MySpace Crossposting

  1. RR

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up. The newest version of the MySpace Crossposter is now available, and the changes are many.

    Everything is contained in one file. Activation from the Plugin Options screen is enabled. No need to edit any source files. All configuration is done through the WordPress Options screen. And best of all, once you “activate” and configure the plugin, it runs itself. You press “publish”, it crossposts. Simple as that.

    The older versions are still available, but the new version can be found at: http://noumenon.roderickrussell.com/myspace-crossposter-v2-released


  2. Bill

    That’s excellent.

    Thanks for updating us about the new version of the plugin for crossposting from MySpace and WordPress.

    We look forward to trying it out…

  3. Mark5 Post author

    Have just installed it and tried it out – works very well indeed.

    Remember to completely uninstall the old version first (I backed up the files, then deleted them).

    Thanks Roderick!

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