Batch Delete Delicious Bookmarks in Bulk

I was sorting through my bookmarks this morning and realized that for some stupid reason I had imported all my Firefox bookmarks into my bookmarks. Since I use delicious for my public bookmarks, and not for private bookmarks at this time, I had over 400 bookmarks that I wanted to batch delete.

The only way that allows users to delete bookmarks is one at a time. This would be an extremely painful way to delete all the bookmarks. I wanted to find a way to batch delete the bookmarks, which would be quick and easy.

Script Re-Mark describes itself as:

This service helps you manage your bookmarks stored on popular social bookmarking site If you’ve ever wanted to make edits to all your bookmarks in one hit (“batch mode”), then this is for you. It makes it easy to re-tag bookmarks en masse, make wholesale changes to URLs or update descriptions in bulk. You can also toggle public/private sharing settings and mass delete bookmarks.

This is exactly what I was looking for to clean up my delicious bookmarks. You don’t have to provide any login details to the site, only copy a line of code that is available at the bottom of the page.

The service works exactly as described and my account is now free of the imported links.

You can try out the Script Re-Mark service here.

3 thoughts on “Batch Delete Delicious Bookmarks in Bulk

  1. Charlie

    Another way to do it is to set the “bookmarks per page” (at bottom of screen) to 100 and then click “bulk edit” (top right of bookmarks screen), then click select all and press delete.

    This lets you delete 100 bookmarks at a time

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