Web Page to Image Conversion

Got a project that needs a bunch of images of web pages or web page thumbnails? Trying to batch convert html to jpeg or png?

I have just such a project underway and my preference was to be able to use a command similar to wget on a linux VPS (it might be called imagewget) that returns a jpeg instead of the page’s text. I figured that someone somewhere had packaged Firefox’s Gecko rendering engine into a command line app but I have been up one side of Google and down the other without any luck. If you know of such a command line tool please leave a comment!

However, back in Windows land, I am in luck. Pearl Crescent’s Page Saver Firefox plug-in is magic and can be driven from the command line. It is up-to-date with version 3 of Firefox, well documented and the basic version is free! Very user friendly. Here is a sample of how easy it is to save a web page as an image.

firefox -saveimage http://www.mozilla.com/

Done! Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Web Page to Image Conversion

  1. Alex Costa

    good find. Installed on my Linux box also and the commandline also works under linux, but you do need to have the session running wih graphic interface, text only will not work!

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