Xerox Error Code 005-285

This morning I went down to pick up some printing and found our Xerox printer flashing a 005-285 error code. The document feeder was not feeding paper, so I had a look and found that this is the error:

  • Xerox Error Code 005-285: An error occurred in the document feeder. Contact the Xerox Welcome Centre

I’ve restarted the printer without any effect, so now we’ll be looking at having to call Xerox in for a service to get rid of the 005-285 error code and fix the document feeder…

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5 thoughts on “Xerox Error Code 005-285

  1. Su Wen Le

    Dear Sir,

    We have one Fuji Xerox DocuWide C436EP in our office. However, there is no manual given to us. When an error code is displayed, we don’t know what is wrong with the plotter. I wonder whether i can find a list of error codes for this DWC436 plotter in any website?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Wen Le

  2. Su Wen Le

    I don’t need the help as stated previously. This is because the error codes, if not all, could be found in the user documentation disc.

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