Xerox Error Code 016-781

Ever since changing over our mail server our Xerox printer had been giving us Error Code 016-781. We have also not been receiving e-mails from our Xerox printer during this time.

The error code 016-781 means:

  • Cause – Could no connect to the server during the file forwarding by Scan Services
  • Remedy – Ask the network administrator to check the network environment or server environment

Since we can still print from our Xerox printer I know that machine is connected properly to the network. I am also still access the CentreWare Internet Services remote administration page on the printer.

To change the e-mail settings for your Xerox Printer in the Xerox CentreWare administration application you need to do the following:

  1. log into the Xerox Centerware application
  2. navigate to the “Properties” top tab
  3. expand the “Protocol Settings” folder on the side
  4. scroll down and then click on the “E-Mail” option
  5. enter the valid SMTP Server Address
  6. check the SMTP Port Number
  7. confirm the Authentication Type being used by your mail server
  8. enter the valid user name
  9. enter the password

After you have put in the proper details you need to click on the “Apply New Settings” button on the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Now you should be able to send e-mails from your Xerox Printer to whatever e-mail addresses you define in the Job Templates.

When you choose a user name and password it is best to create a separate user name just for the printer so that the password is not changed. Our error code 016-781 came up because someone had changed the password on the user that I had set-up for the printer to use. I now have a separate user name and unchangeable password set-up on my mail server for our Xerox printer.

14 thoughts on “Xerox Error Code 016-781

  1. Chris hall

    This may be useful to some people, but we upgraded to Exchange 2010, which seems to inspect it’s packets a bit more closely if you’re printer is on a managed nextg connection which nats through a different network. For example out printer address appeared as 192.168.xx.yy but we had to add the following to our connector in exchange to get it to work:
    10.0.0/8 (our ISP’s net) the printer now works. Hope it helps someone.

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  4. Carolle

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