Xerox Error Code 016-757

After walking from the building I am working in across the field to the building where the printer is I was unable to pick up my printing, instead I found a screen on our Xerox Printer giving me the error code 016-757.

The 016-757 error message indicates that:

  • Cause – The entered password is wrong.
  • Remedy – Enter the correct password.

My computer has picked up the Auto printer driver and tried to use that, instead of my local printer driver. Because of that is was using the default user password, instead of my custom password.

All I had to do was change to my proper printer driver and it worked, after walking back and forth between buildings again.

If you need to change your password for the printer driver you can access it through the printer properties.

  1. Click on the “Configuration” tab
  2. Choose the account mode to “User”
  3. Click on “Detailed User Settings”
  4. Change the password details as per instructions from your printer administrator

If you have any other questions about the security on the printer you will probably need to ask your printer administrator, as every one of these printers will inevitably be set-up differently.

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9 thoughts on “Xerox Error Code 016-757

  1. Bill Hutchison Post author

    We have been having the same problem printing from the Mac and I have not yet figured out a solution. I have found NOTHING online about it, other than one forum with a vague reference to having trouble printing, then they fixed the error, but they never actually said how they fixed the error.

    It is very frustrating.

    With PCs you can enter the username into the printer driver, but on the Mac there is no option to do that. With the Mac it automatically picks up the local user “short name”. I have tried adding that “short name” to the Auditron software, but that for some reason still come up with the 016-757 error code.

    For now we have had to turn on the “non-account print” setting, but that means that we have no way to track print jobs, or control colour access for Mac users. Not an ideal solution at all, but it’s the only way I have found so far to allow Macs to print.

  2. martin

    Hi I have a problem in my DC2060.

    The error is 009-336
    this appears when I try use the scanner and later i have it.


  3. Lou

    I see that these posts are a couple of years old, but I was curious if any resolution was found for printing from a Macbook to a Xerox Workcentre 4653. I get the same error code….Thanks!

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