Looking at Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)

We’ve been playing around with the Linux Terminal Server Project for a while now and Some who I used to work with managed to get it up and running on a few different Linux boxes!

At the time we were running a primarily Windows Terminal Server network, which has been working really well for us and has greatly assisted us in cutting back our maintenance because we only have to manage a few servers instead of a couple of dozen workstations. For most applications this works really well.

One of the challenges that we have being a non-profit organization is meeting our budgets, while still providing the tools that are needed to get our work done.  This is where the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) could greatly assist us in cutting costs.  We would be able to save about $300.00 per user by using LTSP with OpenOffice over the Microsoft Terminal Server and Microsoft Office alternative.  We have even been able to get LTSP to authenticate to our Windows Domain, which is a big step in moving over to this sort of archecture.

The official Linux Terminal Server Project site is here, http://www.ltsp.org/.

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