Windows XP Error Reboot loop

Got this error a couple of times already on Windows XP. The system goes through the startup and then shows a blue screen for 1/2 second and reboots. I’ve then been to a few forums in order to get it fixed so I decided, for personal reasons to post here the route that worked for me.

First: Stop the “Reboot on system failure”
– Start the computer and press F8 just before the windows screen appears (just after POST)
– Press F8 again to get more startup options (if only one option is shown – read screen for instructions)
– Select the option “Disable Reboot on System Failure”
– System will then try to boot and halt on the blue screen of death, which contains your error message

ERROR c0000128 – Registry Error
– My error was related to a Software entry on the Registry, to fix it I followed the instructions on the Miscrosoft Support website.

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