OpenSuse Linux 11.0

openSuse 11.0 was released this month and from user’s feedback it seems to be a good update of this distro by Novell. I’ve been using Suse Linux for a while now and it’s a very robust Linux distribution, strong on the server side but also on the desktop side.

This new version comes with more than 200 new features, 3D implementation with Compiz, NetworkManager 7 and a redesigned installer. If you are new to Linux give it a try by downloading a Live CD (bootable) and try it without having to install anything on your computer.

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3 thoughts on “OpenSuse Linux 11.0

  1. Alex Costa Post author

    Unfortunately NetworkManager7 doesn’t have PPTP support yet and upgrading from SLED10 to OpenSuse 11 generated a lot of conflicts. On a clean install it works beautifully.

  2. Elisete

    Thanks for your help. I am satisfied with the sevcire that you offered. I was not able to access Internet through E1200 but when I connected computer directly to the modem, it was working. I upgraded the firmware and changed the advanced settings that you suggested. Now it is working working better than before.

  3. Roger

    Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer sporput Ive been using VyprVPN for a few months now. Before that, I was goinging through a SSH service with mixed results. The service is provided free with my usenet service. So far, its been terrible. My connection speed is around 80Mbps or 4 times faster than the average cable modem connection. Going through VyprVPN, I can only hope to get around 1.5 Mbps. Many times I cant get enough speed to listen to an audio stream. The service has a really hard time connecting through most of the router here in Korea and even back in America.

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