Find your Mac Address in Ubuntu

Having just starting using Ubuntu I have been needing to do some basic setup options to put my laptop on the network at the office. We use Mac Address based security and so I needed to find mine for the ethernet card.

Looking through all the administration options to find it was unsuccessful and it was definately not as obvious to find as I hoped. After trawling through the Ubuntu Forums and reading about 9 threads I found you simply need to go to Terminal (which is located under Applications>Accessories) and then type in ifconfig and press enter, and you will get a list of your hardware address for your network card.

21 thoughts on “Find your Mac Address in Ubuntu

  1. Brad

    Your MAC address is hard coded on your wireless card it can’t be changed. but if your using MAC filters on your router you can add this address to your list of allowed wireless cards. Thanks for the info. I guess not everything in Linux is different then windows lol.

  2. pinku


    i brought a laptop inspiron4010 and install the ubuntu then i wnt to get wireless connection in my lap. but i cant acces my mac address using ifconfig.
    how to get my mac address in lap?pls rply……


  3. Lilly

    I want to check my mac address and I have followed the same, but it shows ” command not found ” can u help me.

  4. berkturgay

    thank you I was looking for the same thing. I am using Ubuntu in Turkish so I want to write the answer in Turkish too. Uygulamalar> Uçbirim aç?lan pencerede ifconfig yaz?nca ilk ç?kan hardware yazan

  5. Stephen

    If you are using Ubuntu, you can find the MAC address by going to the System Settings, and then clicking on the Network folder. Click on the wireless and you will see the MAC address. It will be labeled as Hardware address.

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