Check Mail Server DNS and RDNS

Following up on my previous posts on Email Marketing Server and Domain Name Credibility, there is another interesting tool for anyone setting up a Mail server. Once you have setup your DNS and RDNS entries you may want to check that all your settings are correct and this site is a great tool, it will help diagnose problems or possible problems.

The site checks for a whole list of settings like:

  • Parent Zone: Making sure your domain zone was set properly (and exists eg:
  • NS (Name Server) records and DNS security
  • Single Point of Failure
  • SOA (Start of Authority)
  • MX Records and MX RDNS Record
  • SPF Record
  • WWW Record

It’s a great tool for anyone setting up a new mail server and also a great starting point for troubleshooting a malfunctioning mail domain.

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