Check your Email Server Credibility

A terrible thing today is spam which counts for 70% of all email sent (and received). There are a lot of ways to block spam but one thing you don’t want is to have your email marketing domain to become blacklisted. On a previous post called “Email Marketing with Lyris Server” I mentioned about taking steps to keep your domain name clean, well I came across this site where you can check your domain’s credibility. It’s simple to use, you can do a basic search or have the full version by creating a free account on their system.

Here is a little extract from their site.

About Sender ScoreĀ 

Sender Score aggregates data from 60 million mailboxes at a variety of ISPs, spam filtering and security companies. This suite of tools provides a deep view of the direct measures of a sender’s behavior and the impact those behaviors have on email recipients and the sender’s brand and email deliverability.

A recent Return Path study shows that email sender reputation, and not content, is the major factor in whether your email reaches the inbox. 83% of the time, sender reputation is the cause of filtering. All email receivers use different standards to determine what triggers filtering, but they all hinge on your email reputation. By compiling the same data for every email sender, and making it public for both senders and receivers, the playing field becomes more level. Think of it as a credit score for your email program. Everyone sees what the standards are, who is failing them, and what to do about it. In the end, a good email reputation becomes the critical factor dictating if your email reaches the inbox.

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