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Lyris is one of the biggest email marketing systems out there. I was very well impressed at a recent conference at the level of detail in testing, tracking and deliverability of Lyris. Email marketing has become a major marketing field and still a lot of big companies are either not doing it or doing it wrongly.

Systems like Lyris can really help any corporation to succeed in the email marketing field and drive real business to their websites. Here are some useful tips .

1- Gather information wisely (aka Welcome Strategy)
Don’t bombard you users with question when they sign up for your site
Develop a realtionship of trust by implementing subscription confirmation (where you can ask additional questions)

2 – Offer incentives for users to sign up for your sites news
Get in touch within 24 hours, while the sign up is still fresh
Track user’s behavior and send targeted emails

3 – Keep a good reputation on your domain
SPF records / RDNS / Domain Keys
system for dealing with Bounce backs
feedback loops with the major email systems.

aol –
yahoo –
Hotmail –

Have a simple and clear Usubscription system (the lack of this can generate a lof of complains and give your domain a bad reputation)

Keep a clean list. The 2 main factors that will give your domain an bad name are:

* complaints (e.g: everytime your email is moved to the junkmail folder it is filed as a complaint by many systems)

* Bad addressses (unknown email addresses, full mailboxes – if you keep emailing to these dead addresses you might get tagged as a spammer)

4 – Test different email types (HTML, Text only, low graphics, high graphics, etc) so you can target your users with the kind of design they like.

These tips shold help your email marketing strategy, please few free to add to the list.

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