Microsoft Zune 2.0 set to Sync with Windows Media Center over WiFi

The Microsoft Zune has had very limited success so far as a personal media player (PMP) and has had trouble competing with the Apple iPod. With the Microsoft Zune 2.0 however there is one feature that could blow the iPod out of the water and be one of the features needed to propel the Microsoft Zune 2.0 to success.

The new Microsoft Zune 2.0 is set to sync with Microsoft Windows Media Center. That doesn’t sound like much, after all the Apple iPod will sync with iTunes, but the killer is in the details.

Microsoft is setting it to sync your recorded tv shows from Windows Media Center to the Zune. So if you recorded your favourite episode of Australian Idol on your Windows Media Center computer you can sync it up with your Zune 2 for watching the next day.

And what might be the coolest feature is that you sync your Zune with your Microsoft Windows Media Center over WiFi!

That is an amazing feature that will make this new syncing feature even easier to use as you don’t even have to be in the same room as your Windows Media Center computer to sync up to your Zune 2.

Most versions of Microsoft Windows Vista now include the Windows Media Center so this feature will be available to most people getting a new computer, and those who purchased the original Windows Media Center. (Windows Media Center does not come with Windows Vista Basic or Windows Vista Business)

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