Play DVD on SLED 10 (Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop)

For legal reasons Novell ships the SLED 10 with no DVD support so for my new laptop it was a disapointment. Well, Playing around with it I’ve now installed 3 programs that add DVD and Win32 support to SLED 10. You don’t need to install all 3, just one of these will do the job for you.

MPlayer –

* MPlayer is a bit messy to install on SLED but once all dependencies are sorted it works nicely, don’t forget to compile it with GUI enabled so you can skin it and call it direct with a GUI. Also you can install the Firefox plugin. Use the SVN version, it sorts most dependency problems.


* XINE comes ready installed but with no DVD or Win32 support. You will need to uninstall the previous version, download a new version from the Xine project site and install it. You can also install the xine plugin for Firefox.

* VLC Player – The easiest installation ever. Just add a new repository (installation source) in YaST (YaST2 -> Software -> Installation Sources), SLED 10 is based on Suse Linux 10.1 so make sure you add the repository for this version. After that use the YAST->Software->Software Management to install it and enjoy your DVDs.

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