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I did a search on google search for “Linux Commandline” looking for some simple linux commands to do some work on my home Debian based (Kurumin) linux distro, and I came across this list of usefull commands. Interesting fact that a lot of other sites I visited also list this same site .

Some of the work I was doing buy fucidin cream no prescription required an output to a .txt file which is a very simple thing to do, e.g: output the current year calendar’s onto a txt “cal -y 2007 >> /home/kurumin/Desktop/calendar.txt”.

I used some of these commands on CRON Jobs for several different scheduled tasks I had to run on my Linux PC and on some of the servers I look after. The GZIP for example is a great commandline tool for back ups, which can be easily setup as a scheduled task .

Visit to see the list the list of codes.

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  1. Post Owner

    Hi Pádraig Brady !

    Thanks for your comments, the linux.txt file has been removed. Apologies for the lack of thought from my side when compiling your list.

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