Microsoft – Everybody’s Whipping Boy

Why is it that when Apple or Google do something good everyone cheers, but when Microsoft does it people complain and sue them?

Take the search function of Vista for example:

So if Microsoft succeeds it’s bad for the consumer, but if anyone else succeeds it’s good for the consumer.

I remember the world before Windows became dominant on the desktop, and it was a messy world. Does anyone remember OS2 Warp?

So success it a good thing, but too much success makes you evil…

Funny world, ain’t it.


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One thought on “Microsoft – Everybody’s Whipping Boy

  1. Daudi

    – a good example of what you are talking about it itunes – only the french have complained about the blantant monoploy that Apple have been abusing! and don’t get me started on their denial of viruses for OSX… It is a good OS but why can they not admit virus problems!!

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