Using Windows built in Wireless Management

If you buy a new laptop today – more often than not it will come with a wireless management program from the company you purchased the laptop from. This (in theory) should work efficiently with the computers hardware giving you no problems with setting up access to different wireless access points and networks. I have found that if I cannot connect to a wireless network then in some cases it is has been the wireless management system built by the laptop company (I have had countless problems with Toshibas wireless management).

There are two ways of switching it so that Windows manages the connection. The first thing to try is to double click on the windows wireless icon (a screen that looks like it has radiation coming out of it), Then select change advanced setting and choose the wireless tab. This hopefully gives you a checkbox to select that says let windows manage my wireless connection. If that is so – then you are good to go – otherwise it is a little more tricky.

Using the right mouse button, click on My Computer and select manage then choose services, then you need to scroll right the way to the bottom of the list to Wireless Zero Configuration. You need to start this service – to do that you click the wireless zero configuration line with the right mouse button and select start. The exit and Windows should be managing your wireless connection!

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