Wireless Router connection problems

One of the things that I get called about frequently here at my job (despite not really being in technical support), is people saying that their internet is down and can I help them get back on. The main complaints are that either ‘I cannot connect to my wireless router – the computer finds it but does not connect or get an IP address’. or ‘I can connect but then there is no internet‘ .

The solution to this (about half the time in my experience), is very simple. All that is required in some cases is to just reboot the router. It is amazing that by simply turning of the router and turning on again, about half of the connection problems I have dealt with are solved.
A good rule in IT before you try anything (there are occasionally exceptions) is to turn your equipment off and then turn it on again – I have found this can work with laptops, macs, routers, printers and mobile phones.

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