NAS – Network Attached Storage

I am considering one of these options at the moment.

This came about from 3 reasons – my main PC at home crashed – did the lovely blue screen on me and I had to rebuild it and before I could do this – I had to find 30Gb where I could backup all my files!! Ooops

The 2nd reason being the main PC in my house in a bedroom which backs onto my 2 year old sons bedroom and being a newly built house has paper thin walls – so everytime I want to use the PC my son hears my tapping on the keyboard and will not go to sleep – all I can hear is “mama using computer” being called from under his door.

And I guess the 3rd reason is that since I rebuilt the PC I can no longer share the folders on its hard drives – any clues I would be grateful to hear them – so please leave a comment with suggestions!!

So my search goes on for the best NAS out there. Do I go Netgear with space for any sized hard drives (which I will just happen to have floating around my house) or do I go for Belkin with an inbuit hard drive with additional USB slots for adding HDD later… I will keep you posted

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