iPod Touch – Incorrect date/time after Synchronising

After synchronising my new iPod Touch for the 2nd time it decided to give it a date of about 9 months ago and changed the time to a completly different time of day!

I was using Windows XP and iTunes.

After searching the web I found that there is an issue with XP and synchronising your iTouch if your laptop/computer has been in hibernation.

So I closed iTunes and restarted it and unplugged the USB and then plugged it back in again and hey presto synchronisation worked like a dream and put my iTouch back in the correct year, day and time

So basically – if you are going to hibernate your machine – shut iTunes down before hand to reopen it when you want to synch again

3 thoughts on “iPod Touch – Incorrect date/time after Synchronising

  1. Robert

    Thanks… You saved me a trip to the Apple store. Thought my Touch was broken. I have Vista 64 and have the same problem. Never shut down always hibernate. When I shut down Itunes before sync, all is happy.

  2. kiki

    Same problem. Just close itunes unplugged, plugged back in and reopened. Everythings nifty now! thanks.

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