Nokia Battery Recall

Nokia announced a battery recall this week for all their BL-5C batteries manufactured between Dec 2005 and November 2006. These batteries are used in all sorts of phones and you can check if yours is affected by visiting their site. Apparently they have been short-circuiting whilst on charge and some have melted risking fire.

One of the interesting things about this kind of recall is that analysts estimate that it almost instantly wiped 1% off the value of Nokia’s shares with a total of ¬£half a billion just ‘disappearing’. With an individual battery costing no more than ¬£2 it is striking how sensitive business reputations can be to something so small…

One thought on “Nokia Battery Recall

  1. Bill Hutchison

    Lucky me, I was about to pull out my tin foil hat to protect my head, but my battery isn’t affected by the recall…

    Interestingly I read about this recall probably about 10-times before I actually checked my phone.

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