OpenMoko – OpenSource based phone

OpenMoko is the World’s First Integrated Open Source Mobile. I came across this project at the begining of the year and have been following it’s development since.

OpenMoko is a GNU / Linux based open software development platform. Developers have full access to OpenMoko source and they can tailor their implementations to underlying hardware platforms.

The Design of the NEO1973 might not be everyone’s choice but there’s history behind this choice of design as I’ve just found out. The name Neo1973 is a reference to Dr. Martin Cooper, who made the first mobile phone call in 1973, but there’s a nice description of the concept behind the design at

The handset is manufactured by FIC (First International Computer, Inc.), a Taiwanese OEM that makes notebooks for HP and Gateway.

The developer’s version has been launched and the consumer version is to be available in October, acording to

The hardware specs:

FIC Neo1973:
* 120.7 x 62 x 18.5 (mm)
* 2.8″ VGA (480×640) TFT Screen
* Samsung s3c2410 SoC @ 266 MHz
* Global Locate AGPS chip
* Ti GPRS (2.5G not EDGE)
* Unpowered USB 1.1
* Touchscreen
* micro-sd slot
* 2.5mm audio jack
* 2 additional buttons
* 1200 mAh battery (charged over USB)
* 128 MB SDRAM
* 64 MB NAND Flash
* Bluetooth (2.0) (Wiki, projects, Bugzilla, Lists) – News and Shop

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