Changing the language of your compuer / keyboard

I often get asked how to change the language of a keyboard on a laptop. We have many people who work in our organisation from the US and so they come here with their computers and are unable to put a £ sign on their laptop, and others want an entirely different language setup.

If you have previously selected the language (i.e. in the setup of the computer) then on your taskbar at the bottom of the screen there should be a little box displayed the two letter language code of the language that your computer is in (for example ‘EN’ for English). If you click on that box it will display the language versions it has ready -so on my laptop I have EN-United States English and EN- United Kingdom English. By clicking on the one I want changes the keyboard language.

However if you do not have the language icon on your task bar you need to rectify this first. To add the language options you go to Control Panel in the start menu then you go to Regional and Language options. Then click on the Languages tab and in the text services and input languages click details. Then select add and choose the language and keyboard layout you want, and once you click OK you should be ready to go using the language icon on the taskbar!!

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