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Free Vista and Sharepoint compatibility help by Microsoft

Free, unlimited installation and compatibility support has been made available for all worldwide customers using Windows Vista SP1 until March 18, 2009. Telephone support is available worldwide. Chat and Email support is available in US and Canada only. Why mention this on a SharePoint blog?? Well, if you are having any compatibility issues with Vista and SharePoint, now is your chance to call up the vendor (Microsoft that is) and talk it out for FREE!

Here is the link for more information:

Source: SharePoint Solutions Blog

Hide Google Ads on Ning Social Networking

You can hide the Google Ads on your personal page in Ning. Ning is a Social Networking platform where you can create your own Social Networking site. Well you could say it’s mean to hide the ads that will generate income for the creators and I sympathize with that but let me tell why I want to hide them. I joined a Social Networking created by a Christian Friend and during my first few visits I caught a few ads that were not quite appropriate for the content of the group, one of them being “Married Dating”, not sure I want to advertise that on a Christian Social Network – or anywhere else. Anyway excuses apart, here is how you do it (based on your own conscience).

  1. Log on to your ning site and click on “My Page”
  2. click on “Customize appearance”
  3. Scroll down and click on the Advanced tab
  4. add the following text to the textarea available
  5. .xg_ads { height:0px; width:0px; }
    .xg_module { background:#FAF7D8; }
  6. change #FAF7D8 to the background color of your template – if you change the template you will need to change this line also
  7. Done

Now you do this based on your own conscience, I’m just sharing my tips, Im’ not talking you into doing this ;).

Computer Hygiene

The BBC Technology site has published an interesting article on computer hygiene. Tests were carried out on computer keyboards by the Consumer Group Which? and the results were astonishing (not to say scary). Some keyboards carried more bacteria than a toiled sit.

Here is a small extract from the article:

“If you look at what grows on computer keyboards, and hospitals are worse, believe it or not, it’s more or less a reflection of what’s in your nose and in your gut,” he said.

“Should somebody have a cold in your office, or even have gastroenteritis, you’re very likely to pick it up from a keyboard.” [comments by Dr. Dr Peter Wilson – Consultant microbiologist ]

Please read the article in full on the BBC Technology website.

Brazillian enthusiast modder bullied by Creative Labs

Daniel_K, the Creative Labs fan who fixed the company’s broken Vista sound card drivers only to be threatened by the corporate brass, shares his side of the story.

“My name is Daniel Kawakami and I’m Brazilian,” he writes. “I’m NOT a cracker, a hacker, just an enthusiast modder with basic assembly knowledge and very persistent.”

Kawakami’s expertise allowed him to enable advanced features in sound cards that Creative advertised as Vista-compatible, but which did not perform as well under that operating system as they do under Windows XP. After tolerating the distribution of his unofficial drivers for a time, Creative’s vice president of corporate communications, Phil O’Shaughnessy, ultimately asked him to stop, and accused him of “stealing their goods.” O’Shaughnessy also wrote that whether or not it cripples its Vista drivers is a “business decision that only we have the right to make.”

Extracted from Gadget Labs (read in full)

Phorm – advertising based on your browsing history…. is it good?

According to the web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, it is not a good idea and it infringes upon consumer rights.

Two major ISPs in the UK (BT & Virgin) have already signed up to use (or be used by) Phorm to track user’s browsing history in order to do targeted advertising. I didn’t really like the idea but have become even more concerned after reading a bit more about it on the site and reading an interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee in the BBC technology site. He makes some interesting points so you should read it in full, but the one small comment that caught my thinking was this:

“I want to know if I look up a whole lot of books about some form of cancer that that’s not going to get to my insurance company and I’m going to find my insurance premium is going to go up by 5% because they’ve figured I’m looking at those books,” he said.

Sir Tim said his data and web history belonged to him. – extracted from the BBC Technology site

The BBC technology site also exposed the thoughts of the UK’s Foundation for Information Policy Research (Fipr) which was made public in an open letter. They said:

“Fipr believes Phorm contravenes the UK Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (Ripa), which protects users from unlawful interception of information.” – extracted from the BBC Technology site (read full article)

Phorm and BT read this law differently as they have argued they are not breaking the law… similar to anyone you talk in a prison cell (I haven’t done anything wrong!).

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) without Windows Genuine Advantage validation

Microsoft are now making Internet Explorer 7 available without having to go through the process of validation (WGA) for your Windows installation.

By visiting their site, you can now elect to have your os automatically detected and updated, or, download the installation files for you to do on multiple machines.

This development – or change of heart – was announced by Microsoft on buying viagra in italy October 4th. They described it as a firm step to ‘take [Microsoft’s] commitment to help protect the entire Windows ecosystem seriously’, presumably by offering to Windows XP users some of the anti-phishing techonology
and other goodies inherent in IE7 to those who use Windows illegally. Others might cynically say that they simply want to keep market share as Firefox continues to grab users who have until now been stuck with IE6 and have taken the migration plunge.

Anyway, whatever the reason, if you are still using IE6 and want to upgrade to IE7 then now is your chance. No questions asked.