Hide Google Ads on Ning Social Networking

You can hide the Google Ads on your personal page in Ning. Ning is a Social Networking platform where you can create your own Social Networking site. Well you could say it’s mean to hide the ads that will generate income for the creators and I sympathize with that but let me tell why I want to hide them. I joined a Social Networking created by a Christian Friend and during my first few visits I caught a few ads that were not quite appropriate for the content of the group, one of them being “Married Dating”, not sure I want to advertise that on a Christian Social Network – or anywhere else. Anyway excuses apart, here is how you do it (based on your own conscience).

  1. Log on to your ning site and click on “My Page”
  2. click on “Customize appearance”
  3. Scroll down and click on the Advanced tab
  4. add the following text to the textarea available
  5. .xg_ads { height:0px; width:0px; }
    .xg_module { background:#FAF7D8; }
  6. change #FAF7D8 to the background color of your template – if you change the template you will need to change this line also
  7. Done

Now you do this based on your own conscience, I’m just sharing my tips, Im’ not talking you into doing this ;).

29 thoughts on “Hide Google Ads on Ning Social Networking

  1. Fabricio Zuardi

    Alternatively, you could simply pay the 19.95/month service “run your own ads” to remove the ads in a more christian/honest way, and avoid having to enter in gray areas of the TOS of an ads-supported website 🙂

  2. Bill Hutchison

    When we decide to go live with Ning we’ll be paying the monthly fee to remove the ads, or replace them with our own.

    It was good to see what it will look like though once the ads have been removed.

  3. Alex Costa

    I agree with Fabrizio, the paid option is the best option and the more honest/christian way of doing it. Not being the owner I can only find this temporary workaround. Espero que o Google nao cancele minha conta tambem!

  4. james

    Christian? honest way? wtf??

    anyway, nice code..

    but for soem odd reason my ads dont show up anyway…from any pc im on i view my ads and they aint there… lol

  5. Sue

    I’m paying for premium on Ning but am wondering if there is HTML code I can use to put in a banner ad of my OWN creation… rather than one from Google or AdBrite or some other service?

    I’d like to advertise my other business on my networking site.

    It’s ethical… I’m paying the monthly fee… I just don’t like their ads and want to do mine instead.

    Anyway know the code where I could just substitute in the http address of where my banner is located?


  6. John

    Doesnt work! Google crap is still there. I think they figured it out and put something in there so it cant work. Looks like theyre going to force $24.95 (thats the price now) out of us!

  7. Anonymous

    Use this code instead:

    .xg_ads { right:1500px; }

    Note: This pushes the ads out of the page. (the page still loads the ads, but they are invisible to us.) IT WORKS! Try it out!

  8. Jesus

    .xg_ads { right:1500px; }

    .xg_ads { height:0px; width:0px; }

    Use both of this code it works

  9. MZ

    You are awesome ,, it works
    .xg_ads { right:1500px; }

    .xg_ads { height:0px; width:0px; }


  10. Chi

    Thank you soooooo much, I really needed this as I created a youth christian social network on ning and there were ads like 50+ dating, thank you soooo much!!!

  11. cleverkid

    This one is easy and no modification is required

    .xg_ads { display:hidden;
    height:0; width:0; z-index:-1;}

  12. techchica

    hey clever kid–great..thanks..need to hire you for some sleuthing work on cyberspace to investigate a stalker.

  13. Dika Aditia

    i found to hiden it the Ads just like this :

    .xg_ads { height:0px; width:0px; }
    .xg_module { background:#5A5550; }
    .xg_ads {visibility:hidden;}

  14. Jermaine Mcclinton

    All one has to do is ask and he /she will receive. I thank all the code makers who take the time to figure these things out, it makes it a lot easier for the rest of us. Keep doing what you do, you have my support 100%! Thanks.

  15. Alica Hineline

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