Disappearing content panel in SugarCRM

We have just done a clean install of SugarCRM 5.0 on a linux server. Once the install was complete and all of the correct permissions set, we opened up Sugar and could not see any of the contact fields for editting or viewing.

We initially thought it would be permissioned based problem like we have had before. So we tried to reconcile that problem. We found this solution on the sugar forum that gives you the code to enable write access by the web server user.
This however did not help our situation…

Just as an after-thought I wondered if, despite not being able to see any of the contact panes, I could add custom fields to the contact section through the admin>studio interface. This was successful and once I had done one field I went back to ‘add a contact’ and suddenly it was working as normal!!

I really like Sugar – I think it is a great product but there are a few little glitches that need ironing out.

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