Internet Explorer 8 Beta

IE8 Beta has been released specially for developers and web programmers. It comes with some interesting features:

* IE7 Emulation

* Developer Tools for debugging, with similar functionality to the Firefox Ad on  (mentioned just as a reference not as a comparison).

*  IE8 activities – Providing quick access to external services from any webpage by sending information from the page to another application or fetching external information related to data on the current page.

IE8 Webslices – you can slice a piece of a Webslices enable site to receive it’s updates, very much like you would subscribe to an rss feed. Partners already enabled are Facebook, eBay, MSN and StambleUpon

* CSS 2.1 compliant and HTML parsing improvement (claimed)

* Import “Favourites” from other browsers

* Improved Phishing Filtre

* Automatic Crash Recovery (ACR) – recovers tabs and minimizes the interruption of sessions in the likely event of a browser crash.

* Faster startup

Unfortunately it still has the annoying “Navigation Blocked” page when there’s a question about a secure certificate on a URL, that can confuse a lot of people eg. on IE will give you this page.

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