Remote Access Computer – PC or MAC

Using Remote Desktop Connection to access a remote computer whilst away has been around for a bit, but what if you want to connect to a Mac from a PC or vice versa – or want to access your Windows/Mac machine from Linux?

I came across a bit of software recently that seems to seamlessly allow either a Mac or PC (be it Linux or Windows) to access the remote computer.

LogMeIn comes in a bewildering number of flavours, but the one that interested me (naturally!) was the free version. Although lacking some features that the paid for version has (remote printing etc) the free version seems be an excellent choice for general all-round use. Simple to install, I will let you know if I come across any problems, but so far so good.

The Mac version is a bit tricky to find, but a ‘preview’ version is available here:

The developers say:

Can I use a Mac OSX computer to control a LogMeIn computer?

You can use a Mac to access a computer via LogMeIn, as long as the Mac is running OSX.

If you are running 10.4 or higher, we have a plug-in that will allow you to control a PC or a Mac. You will be prompted to install this plug-in automatically when you first connect to the PC. There are some known issues when using Firefox initially, so please use the Safari browser when installing the plug-in.

Currently, support for older versions of OSX (10.3 and older) is limited to using LogMeIn in Java mode. In order to do this, the OSX machine being used to control the LogMeIn machine will need the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You will also need to
use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

More information available here:

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