“Internal GDS Software Consistency Check” Error in FeedReader

This morning my computer had problems on bootup and shut down. After starting the computer back up again I have the following error when trying to run FeedReader:

  • Internal GDS Software Consistency Check

When I had a look in feedreader most of my feeds were gone and all the feeds that were still there were empty of any posts.

FeedReader provides a FeedReader Backup Utility with the FeedReader application. The “Restore from Backup” option t did not fix the problem. After trying to start it up again I still got the “Internal GDS Software Consistency Check.

After searching the FeedReader forums a bit I went back into the backup utility and I ran the “Fix possible database errors” option. This fixed the problem and when I started FeedReader again all my feeds were back, and I had access to all the previous posts that I had saved.

If you have problems running the FeedReader Backup Utility then I would probably suggest that you do a <ctrl> <alt> <delete>, run the task manager and check what processes are running. If feedreader.exe is still running then you will want to highlight it and click on “End Process”. Then after that is complete you should be able to run the backup utility.

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