web developers toolbar messes with gmail in firefox

Recently I have been having a problem with my gmail account in firefox. When I clicked on a link in an email it would try and open the new url in a new tab unsuccessfully. What was happening was when I would click on the link www.facebook.com/n/?reqs.php  it would change the abilify on line without prescription domain name – so it would try and open http://gmail.google.com/mail/n/?reqs.php and would never find anything.

This was getting very iritating and so I figured I would start disabling my Addons and then one by one putting them back on. It turns out that it was the Web Developers Toolbar that was messing up the url – so once that was disabled the links worked perfectly.
I am going to investigate a little as to why this happens and if I reach a conclusion I will post it here.

On a side note this is the only problem I have had with the web developers toolbar – and it is still a quality tool and I use frequently in my work!

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