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Sometimes you just want to quickly resize a photo to send on an email, post on a blog or share on your instant messaging programme like MSN. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple tool that let’s you right-click on a photo and have the option to resize it? Well there is such tool. Microsoft has a bunch of interesting little applications that can do lots of little jobs for you called Microsoft PowerToys.

The Image Resizer is one I find very useful. It’s easy to install, it doesn’t require a restart and you can use from a single right-click.

Download the Image Resizer from the Microsoft website (click here)

After installation just select one or more photos (hold CTRL and click once on each photo to select more than one) and then right-click to see a menu where you can select the option “Resize Image” (if you have selected more than one photo remember to release the CTRL key before doing the right-click). A small window will open with set sizes but if you click on Advanced you can set you own parameters for the resizing. By default the Image Resizer will not change the original file, it will instead create a resized copy of the desired photo/s with the words (medium) or (small) next to it, under the advanced mode that can be changed so the original pic can be modified.

For more Microsoft PowerToys go to:

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  1. Siow

    With pleasure I was the same. At some point it seems to have daepapeirsd from the interwebs. Luckily i found it on one of my drives and was more than happy to share it with you guys.

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