Removing Programs from Windows Startup

Users often notice that after a few weeks of buying a new computer it starts to run slower and the boot process takes a lot longer than when it was turned on for the first time. There are programs like Apple QuickTIme, Realplayer, JavaRT and various others that automatically add themselves to your windows startup during instalation. Also trojans and hijackers can and will add themselves to the WIndows Start up if they are not caught by the antivirus.The easiest way to clear your windows startup is runing a little application called MSCONFIG which is part of windows.

1. click on START
2. click on RUN
3. type MSCONFIG

The application has a few tabs (depending on your version of Windows), the last tab is called STARTUP. You will see that there are a lot of programs there, some of tose are really important and should not be removed from there, but some are just using you resources. Here is a short list of those you could remove from there.

* qttask – QuickTime update chacker
* iTunesHelper – iTunes Helper
* GoogleToolbarNotifier – do you really need that?
* Adobe Reader Speed Launcher – it doesn’t make a lot of difference in my experience
* Adobe Update – Acrobat Reader checks for updates anyway once it starts up
* Realsch – Real Player update chacker and pops up that annoying window on the right-hand-corner

I normally go even further, as I don’t like to be on Skype or MSN as soon as I startup my computer I normaly remove those applications from the startup. There are other applications like printer monitors, webcam software that you maight want to remove from your startup but it’s up to you.

Once finished unchecking the boxes select OK and the computer will ask you to restart (it’s a windows trademark).

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