How to Install Free H.323 Conferencing Client for Windows XP

Unknown to most people Windows XP already has a free H.323 client loaded and ready to run. It’s the conferencing application called Netmeeting.

To get Netmeeting running as your free H.323 client in Windows XP just follow the following steps:

1: Click START then RUN

2: Enter “conf” without the quotes

And there you go. You will now be walked through a set-up wizard to configure your audio and video devices for video conferencing from Windows XP.

You should be able to connect to any H.323 based video conferencing device or software solution. I use it to connect up to our Sony PCS-1600p H.323 based video conferencing device without any problems at all. I have not tried it on newer video conferencing devices, but since H.323 is an industry standard communications protocol it shouldn’t be a problem.


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