Tuneup 2007

There comes a time in every computer owners life when it is time to clean up the unnessecary files, cache and programs that have not been used for a long time. This time came for me a few days ago.
I have been suspecting that I needed to clean my registry and get rid of unwanted programs because my laptop had not been performing that well recently.
One of my friends recommended tuneup 2007
and I have to admit I was hugely skeptical at first, but once I loaded it I was pleasantly surprised with the interface and results.
Tuneup 2007 gives you the option to customise windows start up as well as optimise, cleanup or tune your registry, processes or old program fragments that are laying around.
It also looks through cache and other little features that suck memory and cleans them out on request. Although I have not tried it, the program also offers a recovery program for deleted and lost files – something I am sure I will find useful in the not too distant future!
The GUI is really easy to use and at every stage there is a detailed (almost pedantic) wizard to walk the user through the processes. There is a 30 day free trial that you can download here, to purchase the product you will have to part with about $40 (or £22). It is definately a worthwhile investment if you are a heavy user of your computer and are often installing/uninstalling products and running several applications at once – it really makes a noticeable difference to the performance of the computer. If you are skeptical about it – try the trial version and see what you think!

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