How To Uninstall Registry Booster

I made a stupid mistake today on my new laptop and installed a registry cleaner without doing my research. The program that I installed was Registry Booster by Uniblue.

I wanted a free program to use on the new laptop, but Registry Booster is only free for 15 errors, and no more. My computer had over 400 errors, so 15 was not even a drop in the bucket.

My problem came when I went to uninstall and completely remove Registry Booster from my computer. There is no link to the uninstall program in the start menu folder, and Registry Booster doesn’t register itself with the Windows Add or Remove Programs application either.

Thankfully after finding the program folder for Registry Booster I found the uninstall program in there. After running it I seem to have removed it completely from the system, but now I am again on the hunt for a good and FREE registry cleaning program…

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  2. Tim Edwards

    Thanks for the tip. I was able to navigate to c:\Program Files\Uniblue and I found the uninstall. Worked great.

  3. ray prest

    also had registry booster [no uninstall]thanks to tip was able to find and remove , thank you

  4. Trevor

    How do i uninstall registry booster, i have tried everything can you PLEASE explain to me how to do this

  5. Trevor Lowe

    I had registery booster installed and i cant find it as i want to uninstal it how do i uninstall registery booster

  6. Bill Post author

    Hi Trevor,

    If you open up a Microsoft Explorer window (just open up “My Computer”) then go into C: drive, then the Program Files folder, then Uniblue. In there you should be able to find the uninstall program, but if it isn’t in there then check the subfolders to see if it is a bit deeper in there.

    I hope that helps…


  7. jan

    when I want to uninstall this it always tells me its impossible cause its currently running; even after I reboot. Another pirate software?

  8. Bill Post author

    Try starting Windows in Safe mode and then see what happens. If you start windows in safe mode then hopefully it won’t start up Registry Booster and you will be able to uninstall it.

  9. Derek

    Good as their product may (or may not) be, I too don’t like the way Uniblue markets and tries to “force” you to buy their product.

    I succeeded in getting rid of Uniblue Registry Booster 2 by doing the following:

    1. open the Registry Booster 2 application
    2. click on the Settings tab
    3. un-check all of the default settings
    4. click on Apply
    5. close the application
    6. restart your machine
    7. right click on Start (bottom left of your screen) and click Explore
    8. scroll down and click on Program Files
    9. scroll down until you find Uniblue and right click on the folder
    10. scroll down and choose Delete – confirm that you want to Delete the folder
    11. go back to your desktop, empty your Trash Bin and restart your machine

    This should have deleted Uniblue from your machine and it should have booted up without launching Uniblue Registry Booster 2. Congratulations … you are free of one more piece of zombieware!

  10. Bill Post author

    Thanks for the step by step advice Derek.

    That should help people get rid of Registry Booster once and for all.

  11. hoddy

    Uninstall Registry booster by Uniblue.
    I followed uninstall hints, but am not sucsessful after lots of effort, also in the registry file.
    This is a zombie ! Others, be careful !
    Who can help me to undelete these pirates ??

  12. Bill Post author


    Did you have a chance to try out the suggestions by Derek?

    If that didn’t work maybe try going to step 6 in his instructions and then try running the uninstall program that is in the folder.

    It might also be worth trying to run a decent registry editor like this Free Registry Editor. That one doesn’t leave any junk on the computer, and only runs in the background if you tell it to.

  13. hoddy

    Thks Bill and Derek !
    I got rid of Registry Booster 2 !!!
    I tried Derek’s suggestions extensively and
    lots of others around,… frustrating results.
    I’m not experienced with such kind of bad intentions from people.
    Finally, I got it easaly fixed.
    Followed “Dieter Nuhr” recepie (Ref Yahoo)
    System–Task Mgr–Apply–new task–
    surch all files
    — > I got to erase REGISTRYBOOSTER.exe
    I hope, that finally was it for me.

  14. Skip

    I have searcherd high and low for the best registry cleaner and I’ve tested those that look good. What I have learned is that I WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RIGISTRY BOOSTER EVER AGAIN! For all of the reasons explained by others who have installed Registry Booster and I hope the owners of the program fall out of bed every morning at 3:00AM for the rest of their lives.

  15. Raj Sandhu

    Derek, you are a life saver – thank you for helping me finally get rid of Registery Booster 2

  16. Lily Lee

    Hi Derek, Thanks so much, I surfed in looking for a solution to Registry Booster 2, and followed your directions, and now am rid of the darn thing. Thanks from a grateful senior idiot.

  17. Che

    Thank you Derek! Everyone who has been infected by this pirate malware should post anywhere and everywhere that this software is BAD, INVASIVE MALWARE. Register Uniblue is a virus.

  18. Carole

    Thanks Bill and Derek,

    Isn’t it infuriating how many cons are out there. No should mean NO. and Yes should mean YES. Free to me means FREE of any tricks or manipulation to buy. Trial version means exactly that – try out the program for a period of time… and not “here take a taste – stuff you if it works or not – buy it if you want to prove it works.” and then to make sure you cannot remove it without further waste of time and frustrations. Thank you guys, I followed your advice and it worked. I will not support any company using commercial manipulation or deceipt of any kind. If they are capable of this I would ask the question “what is encoded in their full version?” Hmmmmm??? Scary!!!

  19. Stephen

    Many thanks for advice to remove reg. booster2. and I surely agree with Carole’s remarks.

  20. Mama Mia

    NEED SERIOUS HELP! I have used all the methods all have listed but to no avail I STILL CANNOT UNINSTALL UNIBLUE REGISTRY BOOSTER 2. What Now???

  21. Tana

    I hate when a program, which is supposed to be a professional one, no matter if it is free or not, lacks basic professionalism touches, such as the ability to uninstall it without having to format your hard drive in the process. 🙂

  22. Kim

    Please help me on this.. I have installed Registry Booster 2009 a few days ago. And I can’t get rid of it.. I tried the above steps and it still exists!!

    Save me!!!!

  23. Kim

    I followed all the steps and I can’t find Registry Booster anywhere in my computer but it’s still there.. What should I do?

  24. Vince

    I’m on the same situation as Kim, Is there any new idea? It looks Uniblue have a look on forums/Discussions and change uninstallation process, I use Ccleaner to remove Uniblue keys and after each reboot the keys reappears, frustrating … On my computer inside program files I don’t see any refs to Uniblue BUT the exec still alive somewhere … Difficult !

  25. david

    with regards to registry cleaners, especially for those looking for a truly free and fully functional program, i strongly recommend CCleaner by Piriform. this was recommended to me by microsoft support. it also cleans your drive [cookies, browsing history, prefetch data, and much more], and you can control all functions. it is free, and they do only request a voluntary donation.

  26. Fernando Cintra

    hey, i had this program on my pc and it was sucks, sucks to install, to repary and to uninstall off course.

    Well i just am here to warn you guys that this program left on my pc an archive of 8,5gb. That archive was from backup that i did before TRY to repair the system.

    There is about 3 months it is here and I just soon it today.

    Then IF you already did a backup, try to find this archive there, it is very big and it is only one, it is extension .bat and it’s name start with a letter F.

    Well done, GoodBye.

  27. Penney

    I successfully uninstalled it after i went into control panel remove would not work it (removal screen) would flash for less than 1 second and disappear. i went into the uniblue went to the website from the purchase screen clicked download reinstalled the verison i had registry booster and then closed it all out and then agian tried control panel and this time it worked just fine an d got rid fo that mess

  28. Jose

    I have RegistryBooster for one year with no problem. I also have SpyEraser from Uniblue.
    I do not know how good RegistryBooster is compared to other utilities out there. However, SpyEraser from the same company does seem to work very good. Everytime I go to a bad website that attempts to install something on my PC, it comes up with a permission window. I always tale tell on anything out there, even Java, ActiveX, etc. So I think it is good.

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  30. Jayton

    I Used Revo Uninstaller and got rid of it with no problems at all…
    It has what they call a Hunter mode, i went to that, simply pointed at the icon and it pretty much deleted Uniblue Registry Booster and then went back several times making sure every trace of it was gone and i havent had any issues since…

    Revo works great for uninstalling just about anything giving you trouble…

  31. Guy

    Uniblue – Beware!
    This company added an odd VAT rate to the value of my purchase. I then noticed that they wish to auto-charge me at the renewal rate they choose to apply periodically. The only way to opt out of the auto-renewal is to ‘follow the instructions’ that are Emailed AFTER completing the purchase. Seems risky and unethical. Beware!

  32. Sonia

    I about went crazy trying to uninstall registrybooster, which mucked up my computer as soon as it was installed, disconnecting the printer and memeo backup, losing all passwords, and putting text into letters 3/4″ high. I found numerous copies of the program in C drive and deleted them one by one, then emptied the recycle bin – but they CAME BACK into C drive – I think they were breeding like rabbits! When I tried to delete one main program I kept getting “access denied.” Finally I found your advice to start the computer in Safe mode – and registrybooster IS GONE! THANK YOU SO MUCH, BILL AND DEREK!!!

  33. Sonia

    Forgot to say that after restarting in safe mode I deleted the program again, and access was no longer denied.

  34. Phil

    If all else fails and you are contemplating a running jump over the nearest bridge in desperation, try one of the simplest remedies of all – a” System Restore”. It got rid of RB for me after trying all the tips in this post. It might mean going back a few weeks to a Restore Point and beware you may loose anything else you have downloaded.

  35. Worya Nikdin

    I have been able to uninstall registery booster but since then my Regedit window doesn’t open up anymore. It give the computer something like a hick up when I enter Regedit in run window and click on OK.
    can somebody help?

  36. Ernest

    to:Phil // Mar 24, 2009 at 8:02 am 43
    You are perfect.. I did the “system restore” which was very fast, then I searched for that rotten’s gone. Thanks ever so much,Phil !!!!

  37. Reshma

    I deleted the entire folder Uniblue in C: drive.. It disappeared in start menu, but i can still see that stupid thing in Add/Remove programs.. Just wanna get rid of it..

    Help Me!!

    Thanks to Bill n Derek..

  38. aleks

    I had the same problem as you, but finally I fix it. This program Uniblue Registry Booster made my PC to work only on safe mode. And that’s was a big problem to fix it. I tried everything that you suggest, but it didn’t work with me. And the only thing that I did after all that it was running Windows Defender, which removed the harmful file. After that I just removed the program from my PC with Add/Remove programs from Control Panel.
    Actually I’m not sure that Windows Defender really help me , but that was the truth and you can try and see.

  39. mary donovan

    help files are missing that i need to uninstall uniblue from my pc anyone pleasee cheers

  40. Heather

    I got rid of Uniblue registry by following previous comments to open the file in program files and reinstall. I unclicked in Settings “start up with Windows” Once I unchecked that box I could easily delete it. Thanks.

  41. Tasha Sparks

    Nothing is working. When I try to delete it, it says that I need permission to delete it. I’m very confused. Please email me

  42. anja

    jayton i can’t thank you enough!!!!I tried all the given tps…without success….finaly i found your solution…..yeah it worked
    and thak you again

  43. Sus

    I tried to delete the unible folder from Programs. When unablre to do so. I called up taskmanager and kille d the regbooster prccess. Then I was able to delete the uniblue folder.

  44. Ric

    I have been running both CCCleaner & Revo Uninstaller… so after my dissappointment Registry Booster 2009… I shall keep current with my machine. Still looking for a freeware dedicated to maintaining my Registry.

  45. wguru

    Key factor needing serious consideration when uninstalling things like RB2, is just this, sure ensure it’s not running when you do use the uninstaller (do not use add-remove programs even if you cannot find the uninstaller, instead reinstall it and then you’ll sure find the uninstaller), and secondly even more important, consider your using RB’s restore files, but do that ever so carefully because restoring registry entries is very tricky (same issue in uninstalling SpyBot and it’s backup restore files, ie; restore .bat files must be used in reverse order (latest fisrt, etc.) to a point where the user’s system had certain programs installed, eg; you can easily bunk the registry as ‘newly’ installed programs (installed later than what you’re restoring the registry to) may rely on registry settings as they are “before” you restore the registry. Lastly, always ensure that you either do a complete registry backup and store it on an external hard drive (is best) and/or also ensure your system restore is turned on and you have a restore point to fall back on (by that I mean many system restore users find that the restore points will fail as a result of the user unknowingly had their external hard drives included on the restore points, and that is a big MS bug because unless you have the exact EHD plugged into the exact USB port AND that port has the exact same drive letter assigned as when the restore point was set, you will sadly fall into the SNAFU where you will see “Windows could not restore…please try another restore point” (with which almost always none of the restore point will work. One last caution, if using system restore in “safe” mode, you cannot uno that restore, but you can go at least restore to an earlier point, assuming you didn’t unknowingly bunk you system restore points by ever having them include an external hard drive. Happe-trails…wguru

  46. danny

    if u wanna uninstal this one, u must close the app,
    if u have started before, the icon of uniblue is in icon bar.
    yesterday, i try to this product and i get the serial number n it works great.

  47. ken

    like others i am having trouble deleting uniblue register which i down loaded about 6 months ago. i made a mistake and removed half the register folder. i now have 4 .dll files and 1 .exe
    file. i cant remove this – can anyone help – ive tried most things?

  48. Bob

    I too downloaded Uniblu’s Registry Booster by mistake. I found the Uniblue folder and unistall application which I ran and it seems to have cleared the Application and associated software. However, I forgot to delete the shortcut on my desktop prior to running the uninstall program. Now I cannot delete it or change the name. Any suggestions? Thanks

  49. keith from HULL

    !!!!!!!!!!—READ THIS—!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok what needs to happen is the EXE (Exacutable) file needs to be deleted so the program cannot run without it! then you can just Nail the remaingin files by deleting them! ive used pc’s since i was 11 years old & although some other people above this post had put some very good idea’s i thought the best way was this!:
    when the program is running OR that big stupid splash screen in blue comes up thats the program then click in the settings on the top left hand side & do what “Derek” suggested & unclick ALL of the boxes!
    then goto the Program files (Click on START button then “My Computer OR computer” then Program Files”) & delete the remaing yellow file thats named ” Registry Booster” then empty your re-cycle bin then restart! the pc IF the program still is active which i am 99.9% sure it wont then i would look at Formatting the C:Drive! i VERY much doubt ANYone will have the issue with this pile of poo program anymore! BUT one thing i WILL stress is run/Scann Your pc after a minute after boot & leave it to do its thing! then that would 100% get rid of any remaining files!! IF anyone needs any help PLEASE feel free to email me @
    Hope this helps!!!

  50. KY

    Thx for deleting my comment, guess real help with all the net got to offer is not your cup of tea..

    I actually wonder now why I put effort in explaining how to truly get rid of the software and have a clean system?

    Silly me, should have known better when coming to a page with people that actually did install that crap!

  51. Jim

    Thanks Bill. I was able to remove uniblue after reading you comments on how to find the program folder. I had to restart my computer for all apparent traces of uniblue to disappear.

  52. Pete

    I tried the CC Cleaner and it didn’t work. I ended up having to do the dirty and starting in safe mode, managed to remove the folder and all of its contents.
    Why in the world does this programme do this. I won’t go near anything to do with Uniblue again and will advise all my friends to avoid it.

  53. tokyomilmil

    to Ken of 59’s:
    I hope U’ve solved your problem. In case u didn’t, I suggest u reinstall Uniblue again so u can get back their uninstall process, then u restart yur computer in safe mode and go to Add/Remove Program to uninstall it. That should do the magic 🙂

  54. JohnJ

    I followed advice and thought I had successfully unistalled Uniblue. However, Spybot search and destroy still see’s Uniblue trying to change my registry when I boot up. Any ideas?

  55. JohnJ

    A bit more info. I don’t see a process running for Registry Booster, I don’t see a progam folder. And it doesn’t show up in the MS program uninstall list. What could be left that is trying to modify my registry when I boot up?

  56. Divinity

    A couple of people have been linking Revo Uninstall and I back this up! This program is safe and does forced uninstalls and will let you delete anything that could be left behind by a regular uninstaller. Everytime I tried to delete UniBlue through the control panel (there was no uninstall in the Programs menu under Start nor in the actual folder in My Computer), the program would freeze up. Deleting the folder from the Programs menu didn’t work either, but Revo got rid of the program and all the other crap it brought with it!

  57. Malware Sucks!!!!

    try searching up malwarebytes it deletes all the malware from your comp for free! hope it helps

  58. robert

    i want to remove uniblue from my pc

    its messing my pc up and causing problems

    evertime i go to use the internet uniblue window appears and i dont want it there
    its a pain in the kneck

  59. Emil Rebano

    I finally removed registry booster from my laptop. That program was really annoying. Thanks, Guys!

  60. Rorroh

    Thanks. I never would’ve guessed. :p

    I made the silly mistake of installing a registry cleaner at all. It’s probably too late for you, but I would highly suggest you don’t install any registry cleaner. Registry cleaners are very dangerous to use and can leave your system corrupted.

  61. Patrice Diouly-Osso

    Demande d’aide :
    Après avoir pris la peine de lire toutes les astuces pour désinstaller Uniblue RegistryBooster, qui peut m’indiquer l’astuce la plus simple, courte et efficace à la fois ?

    Merci d’avance

    Patrice Diouly-Osso

  62. Never download Uniblue Registry Booster! The Way to Delete it!

    I recently Free downloaded the Uniblue registry booster. It does not work at all. But, when i wanted to get rid of it, it has never gone from my desktop by various methods. At last i found a way as one said it in this forum. I just want to make it easier to understand. Just go to My computer> (C:/)>Programme files>Uniblue (will be there, some times these people will be hiding in some other name too). Then you open the ‘Uniblue’ folder. Open it and you will find some bunch of sub folders and files in it. You find out ‘uninstall’ and click open. It will uninstall completely. Your head ache will be gone! Good Luck!

  63. Jay

    i am sick too death of registry booster, it is just screwing my whole computer up.. and i didnt even mean 2 download it -.-. i have tried taking it off start-up, tried uninstalling it from its orginal folder, but now.. it wont even bloody load into safe mode or i “best known settings for when it was working”, i am seriously about to hurl my comp threw a wall.. >_> any suggestions -.-

  64. roberto

    como converter a estensão dt2 numa forma que se de para ler pois tenho varios arquivos desse tipodo msn e não consigo abrir. Pode me ajudar


  65. mandragorapharmacy

    I used ccleaner and it fix the registry booster by deleting it at tools uninstall. Try it!

  66. Susie~q

    I still don’t know how to remove the Registry Booster Uniblue. Can you tell me how in simple terms ?

  67. Paul Wilson

    Bill, Have you tired a free tool called CC Cleaner? As far as I’m aware its still free and you have an option to donate on thier site, I used it years ago and was very good, going to give it a shot on this new PC also.

    Thanks for your help my little brother installed this as part of some free game or something I assume and it done my head in 🙂

  68. Anthony

    (bleep) you Uniblue registerBooster, u (bleep) up my computer, now i cant unregister or get rid of this uniblue virus (bleep). (bleep) every one of yous. bastards, now i have to be put up with Error you have 200 + errors
    plus this security tool (bleep), it pops up like every 30 seconds telling me pointless stuff and i cant download anything on my computer to wipe this virus. Fags

  69. Anthony

    Ccleaner doesnt (bleep) download for me, after i run it it says :Error this is infected by a virus please give us your credit card details and.. blah
    (bleep) YOU SCAMMER
    ruined my computer, i have a new PC too (bleep) faggots, no ones helpful in this shit. i seriosuly guna call Uniblue and tell them how gay and what a gay job they run, pointless. (bleep) off, making me giv u my credit car details i aint buying this virus (bleep) for 80 bucks (bleep) faggots. LEAVE MY COMPUTER ALONE

  70. sue

    i have tried all the uninstall tips from your website and every time i reboot, it is there again – i can’t download anything or install anything – i w2ill never download anything by you again- my email address is above please send me the instuctions on how to uninstall for windows xp

  71. Removal of Registery Booster 2010

    I am having difficulty uninstalling Uniblue Registery Booster 2010. I have tried the idea of going into my Explorer and program files and when I try to move to the Recycle Bin I get a message “Cannot delete cache.dll: Access is denied. Please help. 🙁

  72. John

    I am having difficulty uninstalling Uniblue Registery Booster 2010. I have tried the idea of going into my Explorer and program files and when I try to move to the Recycle Bin I get a message “Cannot delete cache.dll: Access is denied. Please help. 🙁

  73. George V from Sydney Australia

    With a dit of trial & error, I deleted Unible Registry Booster at 10.30am today.

    This is my procedure.

    In Programs, find Uniblue folder, as in 89 & 90 above.

    Delete all sub files & folders in Uniblue, excluding the file “cache.dll” which can’t be deleted (just yet).

    Empty Recycyle bin.

    Re-boot computer.

    Delete the “cache.dll” file & any other file that my be present in the Uniblue folder.

    Delete the Uniblue folder (which should be now empty).

    Empty Recycyle bin.

    Re-boot computer.

    Uniblue should not be there!!!! ie, has been put to the sord!!!!.

    Good luck.

  74. Paul

    Cheers George V,
    I finaly managed to uninstal that dam program. I also restored my computer to a date prior to my idiotic act of installing uniblue.

  75. Mark from Woodstock UK

    I followed George V procedure 91 above, and looks like I got rid of this program!, there was one other file in the folder I could not delete along with the “cache.dll” before the first re-boot but it deleted ok after the restart.

    I looked for the uninstall file in the folder as suggested 6 above but not there. I didn’t like the idea of reinstalling uniblue as suggested by some comments above..or loading other software to remove it..
    Can’t help thinking microsoft and anti-virus venders should have this kind of thing covered better for the money we pay and stop peoples machines getting clogged up with junk.

    George V, thanks mate.

  76. Kristin Maxson

    Uniblue crashed my pc with rbmonitor. I do not recall loading this application

    I highly recommend that the Feds look into this outfit. They are a full blown scam outfit with no interest than to disturb private stations with their modifications. Every time I booted, I would have a uniblue install prompt which I said “no” to. It finally came in some how. Some one let out the dogs. Uniblue is dead meat!

  77. Anubis101

    It seems I found another way to get rid of this worthless zombieware ,hope it helps some1 out there , all u need is revo uninstaller , free and easy to use :
    1-Google and Download Revo and install it
    2- disable the ‘startup with windows’ feature in RB’s settings window then restart your PC
    3- run Revo and uninstall RB from there , Revo will start RB’s uninstall program in the process , just follow it until its done , if it stops just press cancel and continue with Revo .
    4- once RB’s uninstall program is closed whatever the outcome , Revo will Hunt for all and any remains that SOB left on your machine on all forms and levels (Registery keys , files , traces…) then asks if you wanna delete it , Yes obviously .
    5- Have a nice day and take a note to kick RB’s creators in the nuts should you run into any of them one day

    Note: it would be alot better if all this was done on safe mode .

  78. hadef

    if you want to install registry booster you can simply stop application and you remouve manualy
    his folder

  79. NinjaGobbo

    I couldn’t find the uninstall file in the Uniblue folder either, but I managed to uninstall it by downloading it again. When you download RegistryBooster again, it says something like “a previous RegistryBooster file has been detected. Would you like to uninstall this file?” After it uninstalls it, it asks if you want to install the new one, and you just hit Cancel. I still had to search my computer for remaining RegistryBooster files/folders to delete them, but I managed to find and delete them all after restarting my computer. Hope this helps.

  80. Byron

    Hey I cant seem to find my uninstall for the uniblue I look in the uniblue folders but its not there and my computer is Extensa 4260

  81. Cliff

    I am about to uninstall it, but I still want my money back. It’s still during the 90-day money back guarantee but I can’t find a phone number or anything.

    This program is a rip off. The free trial version said I had over 600 errors on my PC. I bought the software it did the scan and said, “Congratulations! No errors found!” What a scam!

  82. jomar

    To remove Registry Booster 2011, press CTRL-ALT-DEL, then choose registry booster…then click end task. this will stop the Registry Booster application from running. Go to my computer/ program files… then look for the folder “UNIBLUE”… delete all folders / sub-folders one by one. this will take time in deleting….. for the other files that can’t be deleted, don’t worry… you just have to re-start your computer… then go again in the “UNIBLUE” folder and delete the remaining folders. Clear the the recycle bin… Make sure that all folders / subfolders from “UNIBLUE” are deleted including UNIBLUE main folder… Re-start your computer… and you’re done. REGISTRY BOOSTER is gone. I hope this helps.

  83. aling

    thanks derek whoever u may be…… at last i have uninstalled that booster from my laptop……

  84. Jekab's

    How to uninstal Registry Booster…

    It will 99,99% work for all programs which you want to uninstal.

    First you need to exit Registry Booster!

    You should see the blue wrench icon in the system tray next to the system clock (lower right corner of your screen). Right-click on this icon and choose “Exit Registry Booster”.

    Then follow these steps :

    1) Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs

    2) Locate the entry “Uniblue Registry Booster” in the list of installed applications

    3) Click once on this entry and then click the button “Remove”

    4) When prompted if you want to remove this application click “Yes”

    All is done! Your computer is 100% free from Registry Booster!
    I think its the simplest way…


  85. Roshan sahani

    Sir, i follow your procedure but, at the time of delete. it’s fail……. what i do? please send another procedure for xp.

  86. Chirag

    Hey…i did everything told here to remove uniblue registry booster from my machine but nothing works. although it without launching the software but still it doesnt delete it. it asks for confirmation but the folder is never deleted…please help me out with the problem.

  87. Harveywaz

    I followed NinjaGobbo (post #100) and Daniel’s (post #105) advice and it worked for me. I too was reluctant to re-install, but as they said, the re-install asked me if I wanted to delete an earlier version, I OK’d, then when it came back to continue, I clicked “Cancel”. That seemed to work for me. Then when I went to Control Panel to verify, there was a modified UniBlue icon there, but when I clicked to Remove it, I got message something like “it appears this program may already be deleted–do you want to remove this entry?” So of course I okayed that, and I have not been troubled with UniBlue since.
    I’m sure some of the other methods also work, and may be even better or more complete, but this method solved my problem.

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