Free SourceForge Enterprise Edition Download

We have been looking around at different options to help us collaboratively develop some of our software projects. We have been working on a few projects including a Content Management System (CMS) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for our organization. I have actually been really curious about solutions to help us to do this and to expand the number of people we actually have working on the development.

Today while looking around the web I found what might be one of the best solutions available for collaborative development. It’s a free download of a VMware Virtual Appliance that runs SourceForge Enterprise Edition. The free version is available for 15 free users and will run on a Windows or Linux system.

Here is a definition of the collaborative development solution direct from their web-site:

Bring the powerful collaborative development capabilities of SourceForge behind your firewall

  • Monitor the status of your software projects
  • Find out what your offsite developers are doing
  • Access all important project documentation and information in a central repository
  • Manage software changes efficiently through integration with Subversion, CVS, and other development tools
  • Search across various software projects

You can check out more about the product and download it (536MB!) at SourceForge Enterprise Edition Download.

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