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OverDrive Media Console Incompatible with New Apple iOS 5

Overall my experience with the new Apple iOS 5 on my iPod Touch has been a positive one. All of the main applications on the device are compatible and the device is still quite responsive and snappy. There is one problem that I have however…

OverDrive Media will not transfer my audio books to the device.

I love getting audio books from our local library. For a very small yearly fee I have almost unlimited access to downloaded audio books and ebooks. Up until now the copy protection on the audiobooks has not been a problem. Unfortunately Apple’s update to their iOS has changed that.

The OverDrive Media Console software on my computer can not transfer audio books to my iOS device.

After updating my iOS device to version 5.0 of the software I have lost the ability to transfer audiobooks from my PC to my iOS device. It’s a real pain and has yet to be fixed. I have also updated iTunes to the latest version, also without success.

In it’s forums OverDrive has acknowledged the problem, but has yet to remedy it. They claim to be working on a new version of the application that will once again allow the transfer of copy protected audio books to Apple iOS devices, but so far I’m still waiting. The software version listed on their web-site is still the same version I have on my laptop.

Hopefully in the coming weeks they will come up with a fix, preferably before my current rental of “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuck expires and I go back in the queue waiting for it to become available again…