Monthly Archives: August 2009

Login failed in Outlook connect for Salesforce

Salesforce has a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that is fantastic to use – called Outlook Connect. However when I first set it up – the login would fail and lock the user out.
In order to prevent this happening you not only need to enter the correct password into Outlook Connect but it needs to be followed (without spaces) by the security key.
The Security key should have been emailed to you by your administrator along with your password to login. However you can reset your security key by going to setup>My Personal Information > Reset your security token.

This will send an email to your email address with the security token that you can then copy and paste into Outlook Connect and it should work.

Editting tabs in Salesforce

I have just started using Salesforce (and i LOVE it!) and will be writing little tips about how to do certains things. There are good resources on the salesforce site – but some of the things I will write here I have found it hard to find in their help section.

If you want to change the tabs that you can see when you login to salesforce you need to go to setup (a link on the very top of the page), then click on My personal Information and then you can customize your tabs and related lists. It is a simple proceedure – but as I have been finding with Salesforce – some of the simple things to do are buried under several layers.