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Adding the Date to the Menubar in Mac OS X 10.4

Would you like to see the date on your menubar along with the time?

Well this is how to do it…

Go to…
System Preferences
Date & Time
Open International (towards the bottom)
Choose Formats (middle option)
Go to Customise Dates
Choose how you want the date to look – like July 29 or Jul 29
Select all (CMD+A) and then copy (CMD+C), hit Ok
Choose Customise next to Times
Choose Medium format (this is the one OS X uses to display the clock in the menubar)
Paste (CMD+V) the date in next to the Time and click OK

You may have an additional Day of the week in the menubar – so it may read Mon, Mon – this is another setting… to change this go
System Preferences
Date & Time
untick “Show the day of the week”