Monthly Archives: February 2009

Post Your Facebook Status to Twitter

There are some great tools out there that let you post your twitter updates to Facebook. But, some people want to go the other way and post their Facebook Status to Twitter.

Here is one way that you can do that quite easily:

  1. Get the address for your Facebook Status RSS feed. To do that you can click on this link,, when you are logged into Facebook. Then scroll down the page and on the right side you will see “Subscribe to these Stories” with a link to “My Status” under it. Right click on “My Status” and copy the URL or Link. (UPDATE May 3, 2009) Facebook changed things on us, so check out here to find out how to get your RSS feed from your Facebook Updates. Then come back here to follow the rest of the tutorial.
  2. Go to and set-up an account there.
  3. Once you have set-up an account click on “go to my twitter feeds (or create a new one)
  4. Click on “Create new feed”
  5. Fill out your relevant Twitter account details and then paste the URL that you copied above into the “RSS Feed URL:” box.
  6. Select the update frequency (depends on how much you update Facebook.
  7. In the “Include” select the option “title only” and remove the check mark next to “Include item link” (unless you want people to link to your Facebook profile with every update, in which case you will want to leave it checked).
  8. Leave the next option set to “pubDate”.
  9. Select a Prefix like “FB Status: ” or something similar. Keep it short.
  10. Leave the other options and click on the “Create” button.

Be aware that Twitter only allows updates that are 140 characters, including the prefix that you selected in step 9. This means that you will need to keep your FaceBook status updates short, or twitterfeed will cut the end off the update.

Incorrect Time on Diary Entries on iTouch

All my calendar entries on my iTouch were coming up about 7 hours incorrectly, the events themselves were correct just wrong time. After checking my computer and Touch had the correct settings I found one other place to change…
I went to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Time Zone Support (Near the bottom) -> and selected my Time Zone rather than “Cupertino.
This solved it for me

Cannot connect to wireless network in Vista

I am at a conference and the guy sitting next to me was trying to connect to a wireless access point in Vista. It was saying that it was connected – but it was not getting an internet connection.
I checked the IP address and it was correct , the wirless zero configuration was also set up correctly- so my solution was to download firefox on my laptop and install it on the other laptop…. it worked a dream.
The moral to this story (like many others), is stay away from IE!!!