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Thinkpad T60 wireless not working after windows update

The wireless card Intel Pro 3945ABG on a Thinkpad T60 stopped working after the latest Windows XP Update.  It showed as “working properly” in my hardware profile but neither the Windows Network Tool or the IBM / Intel Network Manager could pick it up and the Fn+F5 combination couldn’d switch the wireless back on. If you are a techy you know what to do next…. reinstall the device. Here are the steps if you need it.

1 – Go to START>ControlPanel>System
2 – Click on the “Hardware” tab then “Device Manager”
3 – Click on “Network Adapters” (to expand it) and then select the Wireless card (in my case the Intel Pro 3945ABG)
4 – Right Click on the wireless card and select uninstall from the pop-up menu.
5 – After uninstalling click on Action>Scan for Harware Changes and your device will be found and reinstalled
6 – Restart your computer and it should all work.

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Keyboard Shortcut to change tabs in Firefox

I have been frustrated for some time – having to click to change tabs in firefox as opposed to using a alt-tab like solution for changing tabs. However today whilst using my wifes laptop – with a slightly different keyboard layout than mine, i accidently discovered that Ctrl + tab will change the tab you are viewing in firefox!

MM_XSLTransform Error

MM_XSLTransform error.
[RSS URL] is not a valid XML document.
 Non-static method DOMDocument::loadXML() should not be called statically,
assuming $this from incompatible context in file

I recently came across this error and took me a lot of searching to find out the right fix for it. Here is where you can find the fix.

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