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Windows XP Error Reboot loop

Got this error a couple of times already on Windows XP. The system goes through the startup and then shows a blue screen for 1/2 second and reboots. I’ve then been to a few forums in order to get it fixed so I decided, for personal reasons to post here the route that worked for me.

First: Stop the “Reboot on system failure”
– Start the computer and press F8 just before the windows screen appears (just after POST)
– Press F8 again to get more startup options (if only one option is shown – read screen for instructions)
– Select the option “Disable Reboot on System Failure”
– System will then try to boot and halt on the blue screen of death, which contains your error message

ERROR c0000128 – Registry Error
– My error was related to a Software entry on the Registry, to fix it I followed the instructions on the Miscrosoft Support website.

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Remove Antivirus 2009 Spyware

My wife’s laptop contracted the antivirus 2009 spyware. This is a pain to get rid of – there are some good and thorough instructions on the windowsxp/vista blog about how to remove it.

HOWEVER I followed these instructions and found that there is a gateway to let the virus in through the MSN interface when you right click and try to get to your inbox, it takes you to a webpage (that the web browser tells you is bad – but some people may ignore this warning!) and then re-installs the software.

To combat this uninstall MSN messenger and then reinstall it – and you should be good to go. Please leave a comment if you have found any other solutions / gateways left by this annoyance!

Free Vista and Sharepoint compatibility help by Microsoft

Free, unlimited installation and compatibility support has been made available for all worldwide customers using Windows Vista SP1 until March 18, 2009. Telephone support is available worldwide. Chat and Email support is available in US and Canada only. Why mention this on a SharePoint blog?? Well, if you are having any compatibility issues with Vista and SharePoint, now is your chance to call up the vendor (Microsoft that is) and talk it out for FREE!

Here is the link for more information:

Source: SharePoint Solutions Blog

USB Modem on Linux (mobile broadband)

I have just acquired a 3 Skypephone in the UK and am looking for a way of using its broadband internet capabilities on my Linux OS. Unfortunately, and as usual, the connectivity is only available for Windows so I was looking for some clever way of connecting. I then came across this solution in a random forum.  The project is called USB_ModeSwitch it’s well documented and easy to install. It works on a range of Mobile phones and Mobile Broadband dongles.

I’ve had a little issue installing it on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron but it seems more like that I made the system unatable before I attempted to install.

For download and instructions please visit