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Automatically Forward E-Mail in Microsoft Outlook

I quite often get asked “How do I automatically forward my e-mail in Microsoft Outlook?“. You can forward e-mail using Microsoft Exchange, but it is better if the individual users can control their e-mail forwarding. that way they can turn it on and off without having to ask the system administrator to do it for them.

Here is a short, 2-minute video tutorial showing you how to set-up e-mail to be automatically forwarded using the Rules feature of Microsoft Outlook:

If you are running Outlook connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server then this rule should work even when you are not logged into Outlook. If you are on a standard e-mail account then you will need to have Outlook running for the rule to work.

Installing OS X without a functioning optical drive

I recently gave my old powerbook to my sister in law. I had a lot of information on it and so I planned to transfer all my files and do a clean install. One problem the dvd drive on my old powerbook is broken. It would continually spit the installation disk out. Fortunately I have another mac which was able to help with this.

So how do I install OS X when the dvd drive is broken?

1. Connect the two Macs by firewire cable. One will be the host for the DVD drive and one will be the target which you will install OS X onto.

2. Start up the target computer you plan to install OS X on in target mode by holding down T when you restart the computer. This will mount the target computer as a hard drive on the host computer.

3. Put the OS X installation disk into the Mac that is your host computer.

4. You can now either open the installer on the DVD which will prompt you to restart the host computer. Or you can simply restart and hold down C which will force the Mac to startup from the DVD.

5. Once you have started up from the installer DVD follow through the normal steps. You will then arrive at the option to choose the destination. Select the hard drive of the target computer. You will probably have to change the options if you are not doing an upgrade.

6. Once you have finished the installation shut down the host computer and disconnect the firewire cable. You can now restart the target computer which will startup with a newly installed OS X.

*Note: If you are installing OS X 10.3 (panther) or earlier you can not use an intel based mac to use as the host computer. Both the target and host computers will need to be powerpc based and vice versa if you are installing on an intel based mac.

Manage your Inbox

I was recently recommended this cool tool for getting stats from your inbox. The product is called xobni (inbox backwards). It works with Microsoft Outlook as a pluggin and is a free download.

It indexes your inbox and then works out statistics like who you email the most (it orders everyone in the inbox) and who you are quickest to respond to and vice-versa. It flashes up facts like “bob is the 20th fastest person to email you” (you can even find out the average time that someone takes to email you….my worst was an average of 74 days!).

This is fun, but there is also be a valid application for departmental managers to see how quickly people are responding to customers / other employees / managers.

The really useful aspect of this tool is that whenever you click on an email in your inbox – it gives you a sidebar of information relative to that person. The range of information that it includes is great – everything from all the avaliable contact info, to shortcuts to arrange meetings and phonecalls, to a list of all recent correspondance and all the attached files sent between you two. And of course, there is the stats that show how many times you have emailed each other and their ranking in your inbox!!

It is well worth and look and is easy to install… you can download it here!!!


Find your MAC address on the ipod touch

This is one that stumps a lot of ipod touch users; where is the MAC address on my ipod touch?
Well today I thought I would reveal the solution here so mainly I can just send the url the next time I am asked.
Go to the Settings then select General and then select About and then scroll down and you will see the wifi address (MAC address). It is not the most obvious place for the MAC address to be – you would think it would be linked under the Wifi settings….but at least the menu looks good!!

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iMac start up issue

Intel iMacThis morning we had a problem starting our Intel iMac. It was turning on but all that was happening was the white power light on the front was lit up. I tried the usual things like
unplugging all the peripherals – nope
unplugging everything and waiting 15 minutes and plugging the power, keyboard and mouse back in and trying – again nothing.

After a bit of searching around I found a possible solution which I found worked. Basically it was to unplug everything, remove the ram wait a few seconds. Put back together and hey presto it was up and running again.