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Hide Ads on Godaddy free hosting

Some people might question my integrity on this post but let me clarify. I was offered a free hosting ticket (free when I buy a domain name) by Godaddy with no mention of ads being added to my site, I only saw the ads after I installed a wordpress blog in my new free hosting. The ads have not ben removed, they still load and will still count as viewed on their stats, they are just hidden. Anyway if you want to hide your ads on a Godaddy free is how you do it.

Add the following line to your CSS file #conash3D0 {height:0px; top:-1px;} – if this does not work just find the id of the iframe that loads the ads. (in my case the id is “conash3D0”)

Finding the ID

  • View the page’s source code (right-click / view source code)
  • scroll to the bottom of the source code and you should find a script calling the file or something similar.
  • copy the .js file address to your address bar and you shoud be able to see the js code
  • look for the text iframe id=
  • after the = is the name (id) of that frame

Disclaimer: Do it according to your own conscience. Don’t blame me for any trouble you may have with the host.
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Web Page to Image Conversion

Got a project that needs a bunch of images of web pages or web page thumbnails? Trying to batch convert html to jpeg or png?

I have just such a project underway and my preference was to be able to use a command similar to wget on a linux VPS (it might be called imagewget) that returns a jpeg instead of the page’s text. I figured that someone somewhere had packaged Firefox’s Gecko rendering engine into a command line app but I have been up one side of Google and down the other without any luck. If you know of such a command line tool please leave a comment!

However, back in Windows land, I am in luck. Pearl Crescent’s Page Saver Firefox plug-in is magic and can be driven from the command line. It is up-to-date with version 3 of Firefox, well documented and the basic version is free! Very user friendly. Here is a sample of how easy it is to save a web page as an image.

firefox -saveimage

Done! Check it out!

Research Using Google Notebook

I don’t know about you, but I am often checking out new ideas on the web and trying to write a report or essay that that makes sense to someone else. Until I discovered Google Notebook I kept notes in Word or a text editor. That works OK, but recording the URL, a quote clip from the page and my own notes all in sync is a pain. Well now, along comes Google Notebook as an online – offline app with a Firefox extension that works the magic. The interface is simple and easy to use. What to clip a quote from a page and while your at it, record the URL for a future revisit? No trouble, just lick the “Star Clip” button. Add a note and tag the entry – easy as! Adding sections and headings are easy – as is reordering the notes. Once you are done the whole thing can be published to Google Docs or as a public webpage! Check it out.

Open Source Social Networking – Finally!

The lads and lasses over at less everything have been busy! They have released an open source social networking system based on Ruby on Rails. Ray Cheung spotted this and wrote a great post over at LOVDbyLess is aiming to be the WordPress of social networks – and why not? Why should Facebook have all the fun? As of today it has been downloaded 2293 times so it is very new. It is released under the MIT license. Check it out!

SP1 Update for Vista

Microsoft claims this Vista update will improve stability, security and performance. It also warns that the Update could cause some software to malfunction, including some security software like the anti-virus from BitDefender and Trend Micro. The other programmes that may be affected by this update are:

BitDefender AV
Fujitsu Shock Sensor
Jiangmin KV Antivirus 10
Jiangmin KV Antivirus 2008
Trend Micro Internet Security
Zone Alarm Security Suite
Iron Speed Designer
Xheo Licensing
Free Allegiance
NYT Reader
Rising Personal Firewall
Novell ZCM Agent

Also some drivers could affect and hinder the installation of this update, specially some older Realtek AC and Intel drivers. Detailed information can be found on Vista’s official blog on how to bypass/fix these problems.

The automatic update wont be available until mid April but it can be downloaded from Microsoft and installed manually. The update is only available for download in 5 languages with 31 others to follow by the time the automatic update starts in April.

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Phorm – advertising based on your browsing history…. is it good?

According to the web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, it is not a good idea and it infringes upon consumer rights.

Two major ISPs in the UK (BT & Virgin) have already signed up to use (or be used by) Phorm to track user’s browsing history in order to do targeted advertising. I didn’t really like the idea but have become even more concerned after reading a bit more about it on the site and reading an interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee in the BBC technology site. He makes some interesting points so you should read it in full, but the one small comment that caught my thinking was this:

“I want to know if I look up a whole lot of books about some form of cancer that that’s not going to get to my insurance company and I’m going to find my insurance premium is going to go up by 5% because they’ve figured I’m looking at those books,” he said.

Sir Tim said his data and web history belonged to him. – extracted from the BBC Technology site

The BBC technology site also exposed the thoughts of the UK’s Foundation for Information Policy Research (Fipr) which was made public in an open letter. They said:

“Fipr believes Phorm contravenes the UK Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (Ripa), which protects users from unlawful interception of information.” – extracted from the BBC Technology site (read full article)

Phorm and BT read this law differently as they have argued they are not breaking the law… similar to anyone you talk in a prison cell (I haven’t done anything wrong!).