Monthly Archives: January 2008

Recover Linux reiserFS with bad blocks

Crisis normally create a great environment for quick learning. Some would say that it also exposes lack of planing, which in my experience both are equally true.

Last week I had a server’s HD die on me and I suddenly had to rescue some of the newer data that for some stupid reason I had not selected for backup. I found a lot of information out there but none seemed to work untill I came across some simple instructions on using dd & reiserfsck to rescue the data from my dead HD into a .img file and mount it.

The process is slow but works nicely. Please follow the instructions here.

PS: just remember to use — instead of – before the switches otherwise it’s not going to work.

WordPress get_excerpt – show more words

the get_excerpt function on WordPress shows the first 55 words of your post, striped out of any special formatting eg: links, bold, etc.  I wanted to change it for a blog I was developing so I traced it back to the function wp_trim_excerpt in the file \wp-includes\formatting.php. In this file you can change the value from 55 to , in my case 100. Just change the line 786 which should look like this  $excerpt_length = 55;

Please remember that this will change the default value for all you excerpts.

UPDATED:  See Mike Schinkel’s comment for updated information (Thank you)