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PHP Shopping cart

On my previous post I wrote about e-comerce tutorials. As part of the system I’m buiding I was looking for a pre-coded shopping cart in PHP (the cart only with nothing else attached to it). I was getting very fustrated with the ammount of stuff that came with every single shopping cart I found out there, untill I came across Couffin Cart . What a great little creation, simple to implement, well organized code and it comes with a single products page attached just to show you how to implement it. Just great. It comes with a US only country limitation which is also very easy to viagra pills cost modify. It’s released by the author under the GNU General Public Licence.

e-commerce tutorials [ php mysql ]

I’ve embarked in a journey of building  a tailor-made E-commerce system. I need to be able to have everything my client needs so I’m coding it from scratch, with the help of some good tutorials I found online. Sometimes having to search for  while to find a good tutorial. My plan is to share here the URLs of some I found very interesting and helpful, feel free to contribute. – Great Tutorial, you can actually download a fully working shopping (free). It also has good insight into security, specially XSS – Simple but yet very well explained tutorial – well explained secure login – Great tutorial on working with dynamic Select Lists – Forum posts on how to Integrate sage & mysql via XML – Flash iTunes cover flow in flash (fed by XML)

These sites, demos and freebies did give me a great insight into what I was entering into, and I’m happy with the outcome so far. Most of the Open Source e-commerce I found, although good, they lacked some features I wanted so I’m still coding along.